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The goal of mankind is knowledge. This knowledge is inherent in man. No knowledge comes from outside; it is all inside. What we say a man 'knows', should, in strict psychological language, be what he 'discovers' or 'unveils'; what man 'learns' is really what he discovers by taking the cover off his own soul, which is a mine of infinite knowledge. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Swami Vivekananda" - Great Philosopher of the Orient

Sri Ranganatha Swamy temple,the largest Hindu temple in the world, the largest temple in India, located in Trichy, Tamil Nadu,India. This article is not about Existence of God. But about the beauty of the architecture of the buildings and carvings.
Even though the field of civil engineering has grown multi-folds with the latest technologies, I wondered how people have managed to build such huge and marvellous buildings called as "Gopuram"...!!!

The style falls under "Dravidian" architecture, where the "Gopuram"s are pyramid gates to the temples.

Facts About the Temple:

Area: 6,31,000 square meters.
Perimeter: 1116 meters.
Date built: unknown--built before 2000 years.
God Name: Sri Ranganatha Swamy.
Goddess Name: Ranganaayaki Thayar.
Location: Trichy.
State: Tamil Nadu.
Country: India.
The temple is enclosed by 7 concentric walls with a total length of 32,592 feet or over six miles. These walls are enclosed by 21 Gopurams (Towers).

The Structure of Dravidian Architecture:
Most-South Indian temples are of the Dravidian style. They basically have 4 main parts. These 4 parts can be found in almost all Temples of Dravidian Architecture..!!

1. The Vimana: This is the main part of the temple, which usually located at the center of the temple, square in construction, which encapsulates "The Lord" in the form of either image or Idol. The upper part is usually of one or two stories of pyramidal roof, may be covered entirely with gold or an alloy of gold.

2. The Mantapams: These are similar to "Porticus", a Latin word--meaning covered entrance to a building. The Mantapams are covered entrance to The Vimana..!

3. The Gopurams: These are typical gate-pyramids, which form the main entrance into the temple's boundary area. These are quandrangular building structures which is similar to a cave, gives access to the Mantapams. These extend towards top as a pyramid incorporating various angels, kings, dancers, poets, other forms of God's idol etc..!!

4. Pillared Halls or Chaultries: mostly called as CHAWADIS. These are small to massive halls accompanying the temples, used for various purposes. Sometimes, the temple management offer these halls for a day or two for marriages or other special ceremonies.

Besides these main parts, certain temples accomodate tanks or wells which contain sacred water. Some temples do have "Teppakullams", which acts as a pond containing water.

The Gopurams, are gate-pyramids, were so huge that these can be compared to the mordern sky-scrappers. These Gopurams are quadrangular entrance to the temple, extending on the top as pyramids. The Gopurams range from small to huge sizes depending on the temples. The small Gopurams may themself have an idol and forming an arch, acting as a shelter for the idol.
These Gopurams are touched up with beautiful & marvellous colors, looks as if those are taken during the sun set & rise, the deep blue ocean, star lit sky, scortching sun, magnificient moon, super nova explosion....etc..!
I at once wondered , how was it possible for people who lived 2000 years ago, able to perform such a beautiful work,witnessed by these paintings and sculptures, which never could be done now. The technology today right from building house on Mars to moon, remote sensing, drilling for oil and gas from ocean beds etc.. has gone so fast and wild, but cannot match with these wonderful works of the people who made these stuffs 2000 years ago. No engineer can construct a building which can stay 2000 years long as these do. And amazingly the paints did not peel off and still looks attractive..
What materials they would have used?
Did they have a spray machine?
Did they have a Numerical controlled painting machine?
Did they had cranes and lifts to carry them to heights?
How did they manage to carve an idol at a heights that reach sky?
All these remain unanswered..!!!
But I believe that these ancient works made by people, 2000 years earlier, must have had a drive which is other than money. It must be the passion & creativity to do so. They must have totally loved their job, with out any expectations, except the dedication, hard work and sincerity. On seeing such sculptures and carvings, I could really see through their love towards their work..!!
These are some of the pictures I took when I went to the temple. Hope everybody enjoyed it and comments are welcome..!!!

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Know about Fruits for Healthy Living..!!!

key nutrients: vitamin C,iron,potassium,sodium,phosphorus,calcium,sulphur.
Benefits: apples detoxify, help intestinal infections and acidity.

Key Nutrients: potassium, folate, sodium, chlorine, iron, glucose,amino acids.
Benefits: Banana's detoxify, treat constipation, ulcers, enhance immune system.

Key Nutrients: vitamin C, folate, potassium, sodium, citric acid, iron, manganese, calcium.
Benefits: orange improves weak digestion, immunity.

Key Nutrients: Vitamins A,E,silicon,potassium,calcium,copper,folate,fructose.
Benefits: Papaya improves digestion, rids intestinal worms, eases inflammation and constipation.

Key Nutrients: phosphorus, potassium,sodium,calcium,iron,sucrose, Vitamins B & E.
Benefits: Watermelon is diuretic, helps weight loss, treats kidney & urinary tract problems.

Key Nutrients: Vitamins B,C &E, phosphorus, potassium, iron, folate,sucrose.
Benefits: pineapple is a diuretic, detoxifies, purifies blood, prevents blood clots & increases circulation.

Key Nutrients: calcium,phosphorus,iron,sodium, vitamin C.
Benefits: pomegranate aids digestion & destroys intestinal worms.

Key Nutrients: iron, potassium, phosphorus,glucose,salicylates, Vitamin B & E.
Benefits: grapes are good source of energy. They purify the blood (useful for anemia,liver malfunctions such as Hepatitis & Jaundice).
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Woman Live Longer Than Man...!!!

On an average, all over the world, women live 5 to 8 years more than men. Wondering why it is so..?? Am sure that after reading through part-1 of this series, you can now guess the answer..!! ....
Yes, you are right.! This is because, women life style is totally different from what men leads. A Women, consumes 10% less life energy than what a man consumes for the same work. Also generally, when we observe a woman, she talks a lot, but in a calm fashion. She may talk more number of words per minute, but if she controls that then she is under great stress. But a man, keeps digging within himself. He does not want to let out things as a woman does. Also to keep up the symbol of masculinity, they don't cry(at least in front of others). This makes him to get depressed which leads to heart attacks. When compared to women, it is men who die of heart attack most of the time. Also given a same job, there is a great difference in which both genders work to complete the job. This witnesses that women consumes less life energy than men does.

A Mouse Has As Much Life Energy As An Elephant...!!!

Size does not matter when it comes to creatures life energy. As the scientist say, which I quoted in the first part, every organism has the same amount of life energy and they use life energy proportional to their body weight.
Small light weight animals have a very active metabolism evidenced by fast heart beat & high breathing rate. These animals use a lot of calories, so that they use up their allotted energy soon. After their alloted energy is consumed, the demand for energy for further activities are taken from the life energy of the various organs of these animals, which leads to depletion of overall life energy and thus aging and finally death which is earlier than what it is prescribed to be..!!
Remember, all use same amount of life energy/gram of body weight. But slow & inactive animals such as "turtles" which are not agitated by anything live longer. They waste least amount of life energy. Turtles move slower when compared to any other mammals. They are seen always passive, but their average life is around 150 years. If we take another example of Queen Bee, slothful and generally inactive sitting on the bee-hive waiting for the worker bees. Her laziness makes her possible to live longer than the worker bees. The worker bees work hard to the maximum extent shedding its life energy and live upto 3 to 6 weeks when compared to 5 or years for a Queen Bee..!!

Life Is Especially Good In A Zoo...!!

Wild animals which live in forest spend a great deal of its energy by hunting for its prey traveling miles draining its life energy often. At forest, they also are under great deal of stress to escape from its predator every day. This makes them to die sooner. But life at zoo, is most safe and luxurious for wild animals. They most often never waste their life energy by traveling miles for its prey and never under stress. They lead a restful & relaxed life make them live longer.

at Forest at Zoo
LION 8 to 10 years. 20 years.
POLAR BEARS 20 years. 40 years.

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Even though English speaking people call "Japan", people in Japan, call as "Nippon"....!
Know other local names of your country..!!!

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Hey girls...Are you "perfect" shaped..? I know how much you would have sweated & toiled for achieving this "perfect" shape..!! But if we dig the truth for the motive behind this toil, it is for attraction..! hope none can deny..!! But do you think by trimming yourself up to the dimensions will make guys get attracted to you..??? The answer is a big "No"...!!

Who said men are after figures & features..?

Do men like carved sculptures..?

Do they appreciate accurate dimensions..??

Know the truth here..!

Hey girls, you have to shed of the idea that you need to shed no flab nor carve any curve, because the man's definition of attractiveness is different from what you think..! Recent survey conducted over Europe/America/Australia, converges that men prefer homely shape of girl-next-door more attractive than "perfect" shaped models. The average girl (Miss Average), doesn't have to work too hard to make a man turn towards her. Miss average will definitely not make up to ramp walk(cat walk), but will make a man to get attracted towards her by her normal walk. But you must be asking "Who is this Miss Average?". The study describes her as a 5'4" female with a 30" waist and 40" hips.

Psychologically, men prefer average woman because they are very easily influenced. They don't like women who bothers much about themselves & take care of their bodies...!

To be frank...somewhere deep down, they want to be more attractive partner. They would like it if woman look up to them, as opposed to others looking up to their women.!!!

As a man, everybody do feel the same. It will be a big issue (inner conflict) for a man , if his woman gets appreciation from everybody in front of him. There will be a untold, unspoken war between a man and his woman with regards to who is looking beautiful or more often younger..!!!

So to conclude, for a man, when it comes to their definition of "hot", they would prefer a "voluptuous" woman any day...!!!!!!

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