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The goal of mankind is knowledge. This knowledge is inherent in man. No knowledge comes from outside; it is all inside. What we say a man 'knows', should, in strict psychological language, be what he 'discovers' or 'unveils'; what man 'learns' is really what he discovers by taking the cover off his own soul, which is a mine of infinite knowledge. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Swami Vivekananda" - Great Philosopher of the Orient

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"Change" is inevitable. The world today is, will not be the same tomorrow. An act what we do at this moment, cannot be done in the same way, same time, and same manner. An aircraft scheduled to depart from the airport now, may not be the same tomorrow. So, it is the "change" every where. What we are now, may not be the same after a minute. Thus change is everywhere and it is proportional to time and space. It is only this "change" which made many people successful, many industries strong and growing, many manufacturers accomplish their deadlines and etc. It is also the same "Change", which made people to suffer and face hardships. So it is "change" which takes control of our life and lead us forward. It entirely depends on for what we "change" and how we "Change." But to move forward in life, we have to travel along with the "Change."

In India, few decades ago, there was a great success with the launch of a new design, which revolutionized the automobile industry, a car, named "Fiat-Premier Padmini." The design won the hearts of many people with its robust construction and excellent mileage. Numerous people bought this particular car and it was also a symbol of status. The sales went very high and the company was on top gear. After some fruitful years, the car and thus the company, whose fame was fluttering high in air, suddenly crashed. People started selling their cars and the corporates of the Fiat company cannot understand the reason for that. The entire company crashed. The Kingdom of Fiat was captured by a new company called "Maruthi." People started to sell Fiat and buy Maruthi's ever famous design "Maruthi-800." Fiat corporates started to analyze the reason for their downfall. They found the reason as "Change."

Wondering how? Fiat designers and engineers claimed that there was no need for further enhancement of design. Their line of thinking was that people liked the design and almost everybody was crazy on Fiat. This was the main reason and caused their downfall. As "Maruthi" came into the market with a new design, suddenly people found that "Maruthi-800" was more attractive than everything else. Thus it is evident that "change" is required and it will be always with the change where everyone can easily achieve success.

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A Game you would Love to Play..!!!

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I have numerous thoughts running through my mind. I feel that this will be a best way to record the frequent blossoming of ideas in my mind..

The way I lived life and The way to live:

I was with full of unnecessary positive energy, aiming at stupid stuffs.. setting unnecessary targets, full of selfish and jealous thoughts.

We all know that "Life is Game to be Played".
but it has to be understood "what game it is and how to play it".
Every book says "Life is a game" and ask us " to play as it comes"..It sometimes motivates to "Play it Big"..
all those stuffs are correct. I was playing a game as advised by others. Those advisers left me unclear. So, thinking whatever I know is all that to be known, I played my game.

I played a game similar to "cricket, football, rugby, etc.."...All these games require high energy levels and stamina. They keep us fit and healthy. The spectators keep their fingers crossed while watching these games.
But for what?
They look "who win and who loose...!"
These games are always "Win /Loose " games. Either "You win I loose or I win You loose".
What matters for the spectators is who wins..!
Very few enjoy the game.
This is what I played till 2009 April.

I did not enjoy any activity which I did in my life till then. All did was out of unknowing pressure, attitude to win, selfishness and Jealous. I at last won the game. I achieved what I planned. But even after achieving, I was unhappy..
My selfishness and jealous ( I mistook it as aim and determination), kept on creeping to heights.
I substantiated Mas low's Need theory.
My needs kept increasing..After getting at Esteem needs, I started to value my relationships, friendships and even my love lesser than those Esteem needs. I started to investigate about my change in behavior. At last, I found that the drive behind me was to get "recognition" from others. I did not do things out of passion..But did out of the need(want) to get recognized. So, obviously I did not enjoy or the fruits of my success were not tasteful. Now I am happy that I have understood (assuming), the fact that I was more emotional in my life than being rational.
But I realized this at some point, (wondering how), and started to change the way I live. I did some work out of my assumed passion... I also tried to find out "what's my passion"..!!
But after riding the bike for 25 years through my life, I cannot identify my passion...
I was shameful and cannot even say to any one that "I don't have a passion.." But at least I came to know that passion cannot take birth after 25 years.. It must have been tapped right at childhood itself. Now, I just sow the seeds for growing a false tree called "passion". But I never bothered for it because I always had a strong feeling that this false tree will one day reap at least a false fruit, (will be useful for the humanity).

But after April 2009, I started to play a different game.

The game similar to "Golf, Billiards, Swimming..etc"...
Wondering what's the difference and why I chose this particular kind of game?
any guesses..??
These games are also highly reputed and require high energy skills and stamina like football & cricket. But the main difference is:

When a person swims in a race (remember, it is also a competition like football or cricket), he does not even take a moment to look at others. If so he may waste a micro-second, which leads the other swimmers to over take him. They recognize who came first only at the end of the race. On the other hand, we can say that they compete with themselves. They race against their own best times..
The same can be applied for the Golfers. They don't even use the same ball like footballers or the cricketers do. They try to reach their best against their own best..

The difference is the golfers or the swimmers play the game in parallel.
So it is always better to play the game of golf instead of cricket..Swimming instead of football..

Comments Are Welcome...

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When I was answering some questions in engineering section of "Yahoo Answers", I just came across this wonderful question.. sounds simple and one can answer easily blindly..Even though I studied thermodynamics in my engineering and knowing this answer better, i cannot provide a reason..thus this question made me to break my head and scratch all my old books...this is the question....for any technical argument comments are welcome...!!!

Does hot water expand in a closed system?

This is a question given to me by my thermodyamics professor. I know water expands when it is heated,however, does being inside a closed system impact this?

The full question is: In a closed tank with a volume of 15 L, we have 10 kg of water at 30 deg. C. Heat is added to the system. Will the liquid level eventually rise or drop?

my answer:

I am sure that you know what a boiler is a pressure vessel used to produce steam.
now the boiler has water and burn fuel to produce steam. assume, you don consume the steam from the boiler. this is similar to your closed vessel. when you keep on heating it,
room temperature----water level is same
10 degree increase in temperature--- water expands..
20 degree more than room temperature---water expands
at 100 degree Celsius, water boils, steam is generated..but the steam is partially water & partially steam..called as wet steam...or thermodynamically it is called as "dryness fraction"...

from now on , if the temperature is increased,
wet steam is continuously generated, thus increasing the pressure of steam the formation of steam leads to drop in water level...
keep on heating...
the steam is produced....drop in water level....
so it is clear that water becomes wet steam and then becomes dry steam.
but there exists a point,(assuming the closed container is strong enough to withstand high pressures)...
called "critical point" at which the water becomes directly dry steam...
the pressure at this point is called as "critical pressure"
critical temperature is the temperature above which the water cannot be in liquid state...
for water---critical temperature---374.15 Celsius and critical pressure----221.2 bar...
thus the water level will drop and finally at this point there will be no water....

a great made me think a lot....
hope my answer is clear...
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